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Maternity Photography Singapore – How to Look Great for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Being pregnant is considered as one of the most joyous phases in a woman’s life. It gives a different kind of feeling that no money can buy. More and more pregnant women are open to the idea of maternity photography wherein they can flaunt their growing tummy. Be one of these women who enjoy posing for a maternity photo shoot session.

Our overall goal is to take amazing pictures without giving any stress to the mom-to-be. Preparation is one of the keys in order to make your total experience worthwhile and stress-free session. Look great on your photos through following the steps below:

1) Decide on the storyline or theme of the photo session: Looking at great photos with stories behind it makes it more engaging to the viewer. Start with deciding where you want to conduct the photo session. It could be at a certain outdoor location or simply at home.

2) Choose the right outfit: Your outfit will depend on the chosen theme. For instance, your preferred theme is something related to nature. The location will be a garden or the ocean. Opt to choose earth colors such as green, yellow and sky blue outfit. Go for colorful clothes to add life to the pictures if the backgrounds you are going to use are plain. On the other hand, use plain colors if you are going to go for colorful background. Take in consideration your own sense of fashion and type of photos you want to create. If you are a pregnant woman who loves adventure, you can consider topless or nude shots. There are great photographers that can help you come up with artistic nude pictures of pregnant women.
3) Avoid wearing tight clothes before the shoot. This applies to bras, waistbands and socks. It will create unwanted marks on the skin that are visible in the photos. Remember, maternity photos usually show off flesh and skin.

4) Bring with you tube tops, halter and other fitting tops that can enhance the shape of your growing belly. The highly recommended color of tight fitting tops is skin-tone that has adjustable and removable straps.

5) Clean your nails prior the shoot. Your hands and your belly create an amazing angle for maternity photos.

The most important thing in every maternity photo session is you have to stay relaxed and calm. Maternity portrait highlights the mom and the baby bump. Look great on your photos. Discuss your plans and expectations with your photographer. Maternity photos are great to start a collection of amazing pictures of your baby.

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