Maternity Photography
Q: When is it a good time to take maternity portraits?
A: A good time will be around 32-36 weeks as the belly will be more defined.

Q: Will you be able to edit away the stretch marks on my bump?
A: Frankly, the stretch marks are beautiful as they bring you the memory of having your child in your womb for 9 months. However, if you prefer to do away with the stretch marks, it can be done.

Q: Why do you include make-up and hairstyling in your package?
A: As an added service to our clients, who may not have time or experience to look for a suitable makeup artist. Having make-up professionally done does make a difference in generating a natural and fresh look, which turns out well in photos.

Q: Can I do the make-up myself?
A: Yes, you can if you prefer to or have the skills. Nude or natural make-up is highly recommended as we would like the focus to be on you as a whole, instead of having the face stand out too much, balance is required for a beautiful result.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography
Q: When is the best time to do a lifestyle newborn shoot?
A: The best time is when the newborn is 3 days – 3 weeks old, where most likely they will be in their ‘curled’ up position as their body structure have yet to develop.

Q: If my baby suffers from Jaundice, can we still proceed with the newborn shoot?
A: Yes, definitely. Jaundice tends to make the baby sleepy, allowing us to have more time to capture precious images. Although the images may result in the baby to be more ‘yellowish’, we are able to edit the images to tone down the color.

Q: What happens if my newborn doesn’t “cooperate” during the shoot?
A: Although we specify the duration of the shoot, we are not as strict with the timing. Having the time to bond with the baby as well as the parents, and making sure the newborn is in the right mood, is vital to capturing exceptional moments. The duration specified refers to the duration of actual shooting, which more often than not, tend to exceed, because of necessary preparations like clothes consultation, props, feeding the baby etc. So be sure to allow more time for the shoot in your plans.

Q: Will the photoshoot be taken in a studio or at home?
A: As we prefer to use natural lighting, we encourage clients to have the shoot at the comfort of their home. From experience, the newborn tends to fare better in familiar surroundings, where all necessary needs can be taken care of, eg milk, clothes and suitable props. This helps to have the baby in a good mood to facilitate photo taking.