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The Adventure of Young “Bruce Lees”

Many have enquire if we have a studio for their family, infant, children or maternity photography. Well we do have a studio, and recently had a pair of adorable young “Bruce Lee” siblings over for their family photoshoot.

I first met boy “Bruce Lee” during his infant photoshoot when he was just a week old. Now nearing one year old, he returned with his parents and sister for their family photography. Like their hero, the siblings put on their favourite yellow track suits, and showed off their latest Kung Fu moves with their toy nunchakus.

With my pride on the line as a photographer and Kung Fu fan, I was not to be outdone by my opponents. I stealthily took out my weapon, and display some moves of my own with my trusty camera. Hi-yah!

The siblings did not only show off their Kung Fu side, boy “Bruce Lee” also displayed his musical side with his toy drum, which is one of his favourite toy. His sister sweetened our day looking like an angel in her pretty outfit and flower headdress.

We always encourage parents to bring along their children’s favourite toys and whatever props they deemed suitable to make the photoshoot more fun for them for studio photography and we were glad that the family did just that, making their family photography a blast for all of us as a result.

Below are some images to share.







Makeup by Yukiko Lim (

Darren (123 Photography)

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