Pregnancy is one of the most magical chapters in a woman’s life and an exciting time for the family. During this amazing period, your body, emotions and senses change and become closely linked with the tiny new life growing within you. Nothing else compares to these moments.

Some are hesitant to be photographed during their pregnancy because of the changes to their body. But those changes, the beautiful bump and the gorgeous mummy glow, are unique to this special stage of your life and should be preserved to remind you and your family of this miraculous moment.

The most ideal time for the maternity shoot will be during 30-36 weeks of pregnancy, where you have this gorgeously full baby bump. Locations for the shoot could be in your own home or at an outdoor location, wherever that you are more comfortable in. You could also include your family member or even your family pet in the shoot, as it is a memorable phase for your family too.

The photography will be done in natural lighting and tone. Make-up and hair-styling services will be provided to have you fully exude your beauty and sexuality. At the end of the shoot, we want you and your family to have a fun and relaxing experience, and a beautiful album to remember this special moment by.

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