Childhood is such a treasured time. Many of us enjoy looking at our childhood photographs and reminisce about the simpler time. Parents and grandparents love to narrate the story behind the pictures during a family gathering and soon the whole family starts chipping in their own versions of the memories. That is why it is important to document your kid’s precious childhood moments.

The location for kids’ photography could be at home or an outdoor location they are familiar with. That way, your kids will be more relaxed during the shoot, and the background itself has a story to it. Instead of a crowded place where they will feel restrain in, it would also be ideal if the location has enough space for your kids to play and be themselves.

Before the shoot, we would talk and play with your kids to let them feel more at ease with our presence and be involved with the process. During the photography session, your kids will be free to play and enjoy themselves while we use a journalistic approach to capture their interactions with the location and props. With this approach, the personality of your kids will shine through the photographs, and it would be a fun and memorable experience for them.

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