Since a long time ago, people look for means and ways to capture the memories of their family. It begins with drawing and painting, and then came the era of cameras.

In modern times, it is very easy to take out the camera or smart phones and take pictures of our loved ones. However, how many of us actually developed quality copies of those pictures and keep them nicely in an album for all to enjoy in the many years to come? Very often, the digital copies are lost when your computer is replaced or you have forgotten about it, or if the images were not well taken. And so often, it is easy to put off taking the family portrait because we feel that there is still plenty of time. In reality, time really passes quickly when you are saddled with daily chores. Soon, you might find that a phase of your family’s life is not documented visually. So let’s not let time pass us by. Start scheduling for family portraits to document the different phases of your family life.

Location of the shoot could be done at home or an outdoor location that evokes pleasant memories. As a family portrait ought to portray the interaction and bonding between the family members, it would be more ideal to have the session in a setting where everyone is relaxed and having fun together. You could gather two or three generations of your family members and have a fun family activity together. For example, picnic in the park or cooking together. We will capture these wonderful moments through our lens, and deliver these treasured memories for the whole family to look back on.

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