Family Photography Singapore – The Pros and Cons of Taking Family Photography Outdoors and on a Studio Setting

There are two kinds of images that you will aim to achieve when doing family photography. These are the posed type and the kind that will come off as natural. While some clients may request specifics when it comes to this project, there are also some who would allow you to be the boss and just tell them what to do.

Studio Setting

If you are aiming to take portraits of your subjects, it is best that you use a studio setting. In this kind of venue, you have complete control of everything, including the lights and other effects that you want to attain on your shots.

The ease of the shoot will depend on how cooperative your subjects on this family photography project will be. Here’s a peek to the pros and cons of this kind of setting:

1. The setting could be quite intimidating for our subjects. You cannot expect them to relax in front of your camera. You have to help them find their angles where they will look perfect, without sounding too bossy, which may only add discomfort on their part.

2. The hardest thing to achieve in a studio setting is a natural smile from your subject. You just have to place yourself in their position. They are being made to pose and smile in front of the camera, which can really feel awkward, no matter how young or how old your subjects are.

You have to make them feel that the camera is a friend. It would help if you will talk to them about the things that they are fond of or try telling them of stories that you’ve had experienced on your job. You have to make them feel at ease. Through this, the smiles will come out all natural as you proceed with the shoot.

3. The good thing about this is that you are not bounded by time. You can patiently wait for the perfect shots to be achieved because you have complete control of the setting and ambience.

Outdoor Setting

It would be easier to get natural smiles on your subjects when they are outdoors. Here are some more of the pros and cons on this kind of setting.

1. The creativity is easier to attain when your subjects are outdoors. You just have to let them do what they want to with the setting and environment that they are in. Your task is to simply wait for the right smile, right pose and capture all these on your pictures.

2. The main disadvantage in this kind of setting is that time is limited. You have to complete your shots before the sun sets if you are aiming for a day effect. You have to get done with the tasks before the rain falls or the weather changes, which will affect the effects on your photos.

Just like any other kinds of photography, family photography can be quite challenging. It is best that you are equipped with the right materials and you know what to do in case something that you did not expect happen during the shoot.

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