How I met your mother

When you reach a certain age, meeting friends from your youthful days are pretty rare. Several years ago, I met my junior from polytechnic while teaching photography at ITE. She was working there as well.

Then in recent times,, I witnessed one of her important milestone in life when I was the photographer to her beautiful newborn baby. Months and days past, her little girl grew and we met once again due to photography.
She was back again in my studio for her family photoshoot, happily holding her adorable little girl with her husband. I was glad that my modest studio could be a part of her family’s memory, though they had opted their family photoshoot at the studio because of a very practical reason, the cool cool breeze that blows out from my air-conditioner. Studio photoshoot is indeed the better option when you do not want to battle with the Singapore weather.

“Ah girl, do you remember that we went to this lamp post looking uncle’s studio for your baby photoshoot?” I imagined a conversation like this could happen in her family in the future.

Below are some images to share.








Makeup by Yukiko Lim (

Darren (123 Photography)

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