Our Business
We are in the business of celebrating life by preserving the many precious moments in the 123 steps leading to your parenthood. And of course, your child’s childhood! The focus of our lens would be on the unique stories of your life, love and the many expressions they come in. We strive to deliver a beautiful album of your family’s 123 that your whole family would enjoy for a long time.
Our team
Fascinated with photography and people, we tread down the path of photography for more than a decade now and we have not looked back since. Through our lens, we realized the most treasured moments are the ones that tell a story of the many life defining moments, and of which, the celebration of a new life is definitely one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life. With that came a shared passion to document these instances and it has been such a privilege to share in others’ joy.

During photographing, we prefer the setting to be at the comfort of the client’s home or a memorable venue with sentimental values. We use the natural approach for our photography style because we want our clients to be themselves, to capture their true personality in the pictures.

At the end of the day, we get our satisfaction by knowing we have made the photography session enjoyable for our clients and that we created a beautiful collection of beloved memories for them and their family to enjoy for a very long time.