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Maternity Photography & Newborn Photography Singapore – Mom Zoey & Baby Arora

Zoey was one of the earliest mom-to-be who found me through my website. Through our phone discussion, she signed up both the maternity and newborn package without hesitation. She has a bubbly nature which made my job easier as she was smiling and laughing throughout the photo-shoot.

Below are some images to share.








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Maternity Photography Singapore – To Be or Not To Be Nude in Maternity Photography

Should a mother-to-be go for nude maternity photography? Is it really necessary to do such pose? What is it in nude pregnancy photography that makes it popular and commonly used pose? To whom should one pose for this kind of photography?
These are some questions asked when it comes to nude maternity photography. A lot of people consider that being naked in a photograph is a form of art. It is also a way of expressing oneself in front of the camera. However, this form of style has different meanings since the message of a photograph depends on the person viewing it. No matter how a nude photo is professionally done, the end user is still the one deciding what the meaning of the photograph is. A nude photo may actually look extravagant and outstanding to some, but it may also look recklessly-done for other viewers.
Since being nude in a photo means a thousand words, those involve in it should know the real meaning of what they are doing. In the case of pregnancy photography, the subject of the photo, which is the future mom, needs to consult the professional photographer chosen in order to know the dos and don’ts in this style of photography. There are actually hundreds of pregnant women who opt to go for nude pregnancy photography since this can be a form of expressing their love for their little one by caressing their bump in an emotional way. In addition, all the effects, such as lighting and background can work perfectly together if the subject bares it all as this highlights the tummy.
Aside from all the emotional aspects of nude pregnancy photography, another edge of this kind of pose is that it gives the mother-to-be the feeling of being sexy. Carrying another human being certainly adds to the weight; plus, the curve will not be the ideal one. With this, posing for the camera without any clothes can give some confidence boost to the mother-to-be.
On the other hand, posing nude in front of anybody is a big no. Though there are professional photographers who are really taking nude photos of pregnant women, there could be some photographers who tend to be malicious. With this, pregnant women who wish to take a photo of themselves without any clothes on should look for a trustworthy professional photographer to avoid any unwanted incidents in the sessions of a maternity photography.

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