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New Paper Interview- More pregnant Singaporeans are taking portrait photos, sometimes fully nude, with their bellies in full glory

123Photography is honored to have our client Mrs Ng Bee Ling being interviewed in the Sunday 8th April New Paper. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

[Other women, like Mrs Ng Bee Ling, 32, posted her maternity photographs on social media channels such as Facebook.

Mrs Ng says: “Why not? There’s nothing wrong. And mine are not very daring.”

She was showing her belly but covered up with a tubetop and pants.

She was 32 weeks pregnant with her first child, who is now 11 months old. Her husband joined her in some of the shots taken by 123Photography.

She says that some of her friends commented, “Wow! Sexy mum!” and wanted to do a shoot like hers too.

“It’s a special memory. And when the child grows bigger, he will think ‘Oh, I was in mummy’s tummy’. They will ask you a lot of things as they grow older, so you can just show them the photos, and say ‘this was you’,” Mrs Ng says.

When she looks at the photos now, she can “still remember the foetus moving around inside me. All those feelings come rushing back.”]

Below are some of the photos during the maternity photography session.

At 123Photography, we specialize in creating memorable moments, from understanding your unique requirements, to designing an enjoyable photography session, to a final piece of art that one can call their own. An art piece symbolizing your love story that can be passed down generation after generation.

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