Maternity Photography Singapore – Daring Mama from Bulgaria

Maya was one of the few names that left an impression when I was contacted. Its not just because the name is unique, it’s also the name of the 3D animation software that I wanted to learn a long ago.

Maya is from Bulgaria, and her husband Thilo is from Germany. While waiting for the makeup to be done, I had a chat with Thilo. Through the conversation, I got to know how they met, and where their wedding was held. They also shared their wedding photos taken in Germany.

During the photoshoot, Maya wanted to have a similar shot that I had done for Cheryl (who was featured in the New Paper). She had seen Cheryl’s photo and really loved it. I was concerned at first as Maya was already in her 38th week and to do that pose can be very challenging for her. And yet she did it without any hesitation. Bravo! 🙂

Below are some images to share.

Makeup by: Valda Goh

Darren (123 Photography)

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