Maternity Photography Singapore – How to Prepare For Maternity Photography

A birth of a new baby is one of the momentous events in a family. The new parents would like to document every step of the journey. The best way to start capturing this miraculous moment is through maternity photography. Include in your baby album your maternity portraits. A wonderful addition as well is to include you and your partner – the new parents-to-be.

Here are things to consider in order preparing yourself and other members of the family for a maternity photography:

Proper Timing
The best time to conduct your photography session is once your tummy is in between 30-36 weeks. However, you have to consider that you need to choose the best schedule when you want to have the photo session. Make sure that it is very convenient on your part. Remember, you are expecting to give birth anytime. You have to be cautious in every activity that you will do.

Prepare Yourself
A photo session of a pregnant woman must be stress-free session. It should be fun, happy and full of excitement. One of the ways to come up with the best memorable and smooth photo session is to prepare for it. Discuss with the photographer how you would want to come up with maternity portraits. Sit down with him in order for you to brainstorm ideas the output you are expecting.

Maternity Photography, Pregnancy Photography Here are other specifics that must be included in your preparation for the maternity photography:
o Husband and family members are excellent addition in maternity photos. It would be great to see other important people in your life in your maternity photos.
o Your outfit is another crucial factor that you need to decide. Do you want to have topless or nude photos? Tell your photographer if he can shoot the concept you want because not all photographers can shoot topless or nude maternity photos.
o The setting that you will choose must suit your tastes and preferences. Do you want to have a studio or do you want to shoot at your place? Do you want to create a storyline on your photos? Most pregnant women would want to have it at their home because it gives intimate and homey feeling. If you want to move around comfortably, your home is a great choice.
o Props help a lot to give great impact and effects in your maternity photos. Plan what you want to have as props. Photographers who have been taking maternity photos have ready props that you can borrow and use such as toys and other baby stuff. If you will have the photo session at your place, excellent props are your baby’s furniture, baby room, toys and your own stuff.

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