Baby Photography Singapore – Using Props in Baby Photography

Baby photography has gone from the simple shoot of a sleeping, naked baby to the use of costumes and an assortment of props to create thematic shoots. While the sleeping, naked baby route is best for drawing attention to the baby’s features, her softness and tenderness, a themed shoot for older babies is perfect for bringing out some fun and unique portraits. Themes can be as varied as the upcoming season, the parents’ interests or jobs, what the baby is fond of, and anything else that would just be too darn adorable. Props to complete these themes can be sourced from specialty shops are sourced from within one’s own home. One just has to have enough imagination and the right theme in mind.

Here are two props (and theme) ideas that one can easily source from home:

Baby Photography Singapore1. Baskets in all shapes and sizes (as long as they are big enough to fit a baby into) are perfect for baby photography sessions. Just add a few flowers and that’s a garden theme already. Add a checked mat and some food items and it suddenly transforms into a picnic themed shoot. A huge basket that can fit the baby and some other fruits can also be a whole other shoot. All these items can be found in the house, yet can come together as a theme if one chooses the proper props combinations.

2. Another useful prop for a baby shoot that everyone has lying in the house are blankets. Blankets are actually a must-have at a baby shoot because plain blankets (especially cream ones) work best for those close up shots and those simple shoots when the baby is naked. But they are also great props as they are flexible and add a whole new dimension to the pictures. A bunch of blankets can be rolled up individually, and then placed on top of each other to form a pyramid. The baby can be positioned on top and it could be the cutest shot ever. Blankets can also be folded up nicely and put one on top of another to create a look of different colored layers from the photographer’s angle. The baby lying on top of the pile, or leaning on it from the side could make for a beautiful shot. Towels also work great in baby photography, as long as the texture is soft enough for baby’s delicate skin. The contrast of bright colors versus the tranquility of the sleeping baby can be quite artistic.

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