Baby Photography Singapore – Journalistic Style

Baby photography is an art form. Many photographers choose babies as subjects for their wide appeal. Parents will always be drawn to photos of babies and children. Human interest pictures with babies in them have their special appeal. Photo galleries focusing on babies may even see better foot traffic than other subjects.

There are many styles of taking baby photos. One of this is the journalistic style of baby photography. It is most compelling. Seen through the photographer’s camera lens is a story. A shot taken provides the viewer a snapshot of what was happening at the time it was taken. It may even emotionally move viewers.

Some examples of this style may be: a sepia photo of a baby reaching out and holding on to his grandfather’s offered thumb as the old man looks loving back at him; a baby contentedly suckling his mother’s breast while the mother holds him close; or a trusting baby taking his first steps towards his delighted father.

There are many priceless moments that a photographer with a journalistic eye can catch and immortalize in photographs. It takes a lot of patience or perseverance and practice. Can it be learned? Yes it can. After all, ‘practice makes perfect.’ With constant practice comes ability.

There is but a short window to capture all those special moments you want to take of your baby: as a newborn, an infant and later a child. As parent, you will want to document your baby’s growth and development.

Face and body shots only show how the baby looks. What is most arresting, possibly later even most memorable and rewarding are the action photos or those journalistic style photos that speak in volumes. Journalistic style baby photography can produce contest winning materials. If you feel you have what it takes, develop your skills by practicing your capabilities.

Your baby is the best subject for you. As parent, he is with you every day. Seen through your eyes, create photographs that evoke feelings as what you experience while taking the shots. The photos taken may have been at a park, in a mall or just at home. Your objective every time should be to look through the lens and tell a story. This would require you to step back and take the bigger picture; to put in elements that matter. Your creations are your work of art. Make yours special every time.

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