Baby Photography Singapore – Costumes and Theme Ideas for Baby Photography

Baby photography is growing more popular than ever. Some stick to the classic style and choose to shoot the little one in her most innocent and peaceful state, sleeping while naked. This highlights the infant’s features and is a must-do for all parents of newborns. However, while this is a no-fail style for beautiful and gush-worthy shots that prove to be timeless, other parents, especially those of older babies, have gone the more creative and fun route and started dressing up their little ones in fantastic costumes that are too darn cute. Here are some charming costumes and clever baby photography themes and ideas.

Newborn photography, baby photography 1. Go with the parents’ hobbies or interests. This does not necessarily mean the child has to realize her parents’ unfulfilled dreams in future, but wouldn’t it be cute to dress the baby up as a chef with huge pots and pans and lots of vibrant fruits in the background, if the mom or dad was a big cooking enthusiast? Or how about a bouncing baby boy dressed in a leather vest, boots and dark sunglasses with guitars and a drum set in the background for a dad who just loves his rock and roll? There can also be a baby dressed in loose overalls and some plaid, sitting amongst stacks of hay and farm animal toys for the child of farmers or ranchers.

2. Go with the seasons. Is the baby ready for the photo shoot and it’s October? Get an adorable pumpkin costume to kick off the Halloween festivities. If the little one is sitting upright by the time December rolls in, set up a Christmas tree shoot and place the cutie pie in the biggest gift box around, complete with a huge bow as a headdress. Is February just around the corner? Style the baby in her diapers and add some wings, lots of hearts all around and that’s an instant Valentine shoot waiting to happen. When out of ideas, let the season decide the theme instead.

3. Go with what appeals to the baby. If she likes a certain cartoon, dress her up as her favorite character. If she has a favorite toy, try to find a costume of that exact creature. If the baby is old enough to have favorites, then she is old enough to recognize that character as herself in costume. If this makes the baby happy, then expect to have a fun baby photography session and lots of happy pictures.

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