Baby Photography Singapore – Achieving the Natural Shot in Your Baby Photography

Baby photography has definitely grown in recent years.  What was once exclusive to those who were filthy rich is now very accessible to almost everyone.  Of course, it goes without saying that professional shots at the swankier studios still cost a lot of money.  However, in today’s modern age where everyone has their own digital cameras and laptops, creating those gorgeous baby portraits are not so difficult to achieve anymore even in the comfort of one’s own home.  Here are a few tips to creating amazing portraits and achieving natural shots.

Baby Photography

1. As much as possible, use natural lighting.  Baby’s eyes are very sensitive to light, even when closed.  So turn off that camera flash and even that red eye reduction feature.  Move to a place in the house that gets a lot of natural lighting, like a couch near the window.  Natural lighting, as opposed to light from lamps or flashes, will complement the baby’s soft features.

2. Create a very comfortable atmosphere.  Babies like to sleep in rooms with cool temperatures, but also like to be kept warm with blankets.  Create this environment for them during the shoot.  This is especially advisable for infants who will be shot while they are asleep.  The less sleep interruption there is, the more shots the parents can take.

3. Most baby photography shoots are done with the baby naked.  Should there be a need or a want to dress the baby up, be conscious to use more muted colors instead of bright ones.  Bright colors will distract the viewer’s attention away from the baby and her features.  Muted colors will highlight them.  In this regard, it is also advisable to take some shots in black and white or sepia.  This will accentuate the baby’s soft and delicate features, and create a very natural-looking portrait.

4. Baby photography positions can make or break the shot.  A father carrying his baby in his arms while lovingly looking at the little one makes for a fantastic shot.  A mother gently cradling the baby to her chest is also great.  The most beautiful shots are often the most comfortable and natural poses.  While it is good to position the baby’s limbs a little to create a more dynamic look or a more fluid shot, the rule of thumb is that it is best to stick to instinctive poses while they are still infants.  Save the unusual poses for when they are toddlers.

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